Tuesday, November 23, 2010

list to do during holidays :

  • shopping , perlu .
  • dating dgn bucuk , wajib ! HAHA.
  • hangout nan kwn2 .
  • main game byk2
  • watch movies all the nights .
  • makan sebanyak yg mampu .
  • kurangkan tidur .
  • belajar masak , oh angan2 saja .
  • last but not least , bahagiakan sebanyak mana makhluk allah yg aku mampu , insyaallah .

we see how much i could finish my own list , oh angan2 itu penting kdg2

Thursday, November 18, 2010


.life is meaningless only if we allow it to be. Each of us has the power to give life meaning, to make our time and our bodies and our words into instruments of love and hope - Tom Head .

  1. i’m a girl.typical,ordinary
  2. i might be such a quiet and shy person , but when i can get along well with people , i’m change into the talkative and loud .
  3. i’m a good listener . people can share their stories or problems and sure i can help u to find the ways to solve the problems.
  4.  i become more hyper and talk nonsense when too much problems attack my life .
  5. i like pink, black , grey , brown , white and others dark colour . i hate orange and yellow but i’m still okay with it.
  6. i’m not such a hot-tempered girl of course i love it . i’m not easy to get mad with people...you can ask my friends :).
  7. my English is so bad . i’m still learning . thus , if you diligent , let me know my mistakes . i won’t kill u . i promise.
  8. i love cakes and ice cream much, also cheesecake -.- i love chocolate chip flavor and oreo for ice cream .
  9. my sight is so good so i didn’t need to wear glasses.
  10. i’m a type of girl that can’t see people get scolded or see people cry , i will join crying too .
  11. i feel more comfortable and cheerful around my friends than my family .
  12. i’m not so good in love and i’m stubborn but not really la.
  13. i love to shopping .  i love bags and clothes and shoes and others.
  14. i don’t give damn to haters . if u hate me , i’m okay with me . just get a life please.
  15. i’m not straight A’s student . it really break me inside .
  16. i love myself , i love the way i am , the way i dress up , the way i walk , the way i get along with people , the way i talk , the walk i laugh , the way i hate myself .

.xoxo , this is me :) only 16 ? no , i got more but nvm i share u this only 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

benefits of being short (for a girl)

  • Trying to find a boy taller than you is not hard at all
  • Wearing high heels won’t make you look super gigantic
  • Short girls are cute
  • Kissing someone who’s taller is cute when you have to stand on your toes
  • Hide and seek is easier for you than tall people
  • Short people usually run faster
I like being short

this is why I love my height :>


Forgive your enemy, but
remember the bastard’s name.

Monday, November 15, 2010

just a little bit damn.

! i can’t sleep ? arghh . i’m so tired but why ? haishh , i just online n online , getting bored damn . please .

*may god always bless you and your day always full with happiness !

Friday, November 12, 2010

best things about having a good boyfriend

  • Goodmorning texts. 
  • Late night phone calls. 
  • Falling asleep on the phone. 
  • “Babe, guess what?”. “What?”. “I love you”. (everyone does it)
  • I miss you/I love you random phone calls.
  • 127817392 photos together.
  • You guys fight, you walk away .. he comes back for you.
  • He’s always there for you,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

laborious .

currently listen for music and online . is that only thing that i can do right now ? oke . frget about that .
alhamdulillah, I'm finally done with final exams for this semester!!Kepada buku-buku, nota-nota, good bye for 2 month!!...legaaaa...

cidan, afif, rosa, me, ema, yana, nurul

5 sekawan.....
kawan kawan saya.....yana, nurul, Me, rosa..